Exclusive: ‘Twilight: The Musical’ Takes Bite Out of the Big Apple

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Vampires and shirtless werewolves were abound as the cast of Twilight: The Musical took the stage for a one-night performance in New York. Although the Cullens and Volturi aren’t a permanent fixture on the Great White Way (yet!), Monday night’s tongue-in-cheek performance proves the musical has staying power.

The musical, which parodies the tween vampire series, gave fans (and haters) a hysterical look at just how ridiculous Twilight really is and, of course, amplified some aspects of the film. Meghann Fahy (Next to Normal) and Colin Hanlon (Wicked) were dead ringers as Bella and Edward, while Jared Zirilli (“Wicked”), who played Jacob Black, channeled beefcake Taylor Lautner and spent the entire second act shirtless. Not that we’re complaining …

The cast of eight portrayed over 30 characters, making for a head-spinning storyline as Lauren Lopez and Jenna Leigh Green switched into various characters in mere seconds.

With songs like “Fresh Meat,” “Die Bella Die” and “Supernatural Love Triangle,” the cast pulled off a fun, comedic night at the theater. The audience, composed mostly of Twi-hards, were doubled over with laughter as the cast embellished everything from Bella’s car accident, her bloody birthday, their wedding day and the birth of Renesmee. The cast even achieved Edward’s sparkling-in-the-sun effect with a glittery bodysuit hidden underneath the actor’s shirt.

But it wasn’t all about Twilight. Harry, Hermione and Ron brought a Harry Potter twist to the plot. (Let’s just say they aren’t happy that Bella is getting all the supernatural tween attention.)

Attention was paid to every little detail and mannerism, leaving the audience hysterically laughing — especially with all the “inside” jokes — like when Harry mistakes Edward for Cedric Diggory.

The plot takes a hard turn and feminist angle, when (spoiler alert!) Harry asks Bella if dying for her boyfriend was all worth it.

“You were willing to sacrifice everything to get a boyfriend. In the end, you destroyed yourself,” he said. Ouch!

For those who missed out on the one-night charity event, which raised money for Blessings in a Backpack, don’t fret! The musical’s writer, Ashley Griffin, revealed she’s in talks to extend the run. 

Stay tuned because this is one musical that should NOT be missed!

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