The Cutest Celebrity Kid Pics of the Week – 2.14.15

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Drew's Many Men
Who has Drew Barrymore dated?

Happy Valentines Day weekend everyone!

There is nothing we love more than sharing with you the cutest and most famous (by association) love bugs in all of Hollywood!

Drew Barrymore let us know that she’ll be giving her daughter, Frankie, lots of kisses on V-Day. Who will you be kissing?!

The correction answer is: your computer screen!

We say you’ll be kissing your screen because these celebrity kid pics are about to make you fall completely in love!

…And showing your affection through kisses is the only effective way to do so…obviously.

If you didn’t have baby fever yet, prepare to have it up the ying yang when you see Jaime King taking selfies with her mini me, Snooki’s daughter sliming back at her and Kevin Jonas celebrating his adorable little blob of a baby’s birthday!

Of course we can’t forget Kim Kardashian making us all jealous of baby Nori’s life, and Jessica Simpson showing off her daughters sass on Instagtam too!

To see the full collection, launch the gallery above and don’t forget to sound off in the comments over which ones are your favorites!

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