Tyra Banks Will Be in the ‘Life-Size’ Sequel

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Right in the childhood.

Tyra Banks has confirmed that she will reprise her role as Eve, the Barbie-like doll who comes to life to help a young girl, in the sequel to Disney Channel’s 2000 movie, Life-Size. As previously reported, the model will also act as an executive producer for the flick.

“There is no one else that can play Eve but me, thank you very much!” Banks, 42, tells Variety. “I’m just joking with you, but yes, I am going to be Eve.”

Lindsay Lohan, who starred in the original film as Eve’s owner, is currently not involved in the project. According to Banks, they have yet to look at anyone for other parts.

“We have not talked about casting at all so I have no idea who is going to be the young person that will be the owner of Eve,” she tells the publication. “We haven’t gotten to that.”

As for the follow-up’s release date? Banks says the network is eyeing for the movie to premiere next year.

“I think it will be 2016,” she says. “We’re looking at it as a holiday movie so hopefully holiday 2016. One thing is it’s a very precious project to the Disney Channel so they’ve been doing a lot of re-writes and making sure that this script is really right. I’m really excited about it. I think Life-Size is so popular that it can be a feature film because it has such a cult following, so I’m really interested to see what the ratings are going to do for that. I think it’s going to be a blockbuster on TV.”

Recently, Banks announced that she would be leaving her post as co-host on FABLife to focus on her other ventures. Here’s hoping Life-Size 2 is one of them!

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