WATCH: Billy Eichner Passionately Defends ‘Sex and the City 2’ to Sarah Jessica Parker

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Billy Eichner would really, really like to know why people hate Sex and the City 2 so much.

The comedian had Carrie Bradshaw, aka Sarah Jessica Parker, on Billy on the Street and before he gets into a game of “Santa’s Reindeer or Sex App,” he spends a two minutes passionately defending SATC 2. In the hilarious clip, Eichner literally yells at SJP about much he loves the movie, making her cry with laughter.

I have one guy, a friend of mine who’s into sci-fi, he’s like, ‘It’s not believable they go to the Middle East.’ I said, ‘Oh you can’t believe they go to the Middle East, but you believe in f–king Chewbacca, you f–king turd? You’ll believe anything that happens on some planet George Lucas made up, but you can’t believe that Kim Cattrall would film for a few weeks in Morocco?’ I’m serious. I’m so glad to finally be getting this off my chest.

Watch the video above to see Eichner’s insane rant! You later see he and Parker play a game, in which she receives the best gift for winning.

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