Cameron Diaz Wants Women to Honor Their Eggs Before They ‘Start to Dwindle’

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Cameron Diaz wants you to live your best life at all and every phase of the growing up process.

The actress-turned-author is sharing her latest lifestyle secrets in the April issue of Women’s Health based on her recent studies of he science of aging and the biology of strength for her new publication, “The Longevity Book“.

Diaz tells women in their twenties that building bone mass is a critical step in their development. “After that, we don’t build much bone anymore,” she says. “Your twenties are your best chance to build bone through nutrition, physical activity and strength training.”

Women in their thirties should, instead, focus on their fertility. “After 35, most women’s eggs start to dwindle,” says Diaz, but females in their forties should prepare themselves for menopause.

“Make connections, make friends, join communities, and really honor yourself,” she says. “Pay attention to where you’re at emotionally, physically and mentally. The women who stress have it longer and harder, but the ones who accept it have it shorter and less severe.”

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CREDIT: Jeff Lipsky for Women’s Health
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