Here’s How Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Prepared for Their ‘Passengers’ Sex Scene

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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt Are #Goals in 'Passengers'
Who knew Katniss Everdeen and Andy from 'Parks and Recreation' would make such a great pairing?

Ah yes, nothing sets the mood quite like like fine wine and a Jim Carrey movie.

Though Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt never met prior to filming their sci-fi movie Passengers, the two had to become fast friends in order to prep for their characters’ impending sex scene. Luckily for them, they quickly got to know each other because, well, they’re basically two very awesome people.

“Of course I knew of her and her work, but I’ve never met her before,” he told MTV. “We jumped into basically working, so our first time we met was at her house doing a table read with the director. And so, we really bonded over the script and the story. And as we were working together—because essentially we’re the only two people in the movie—as we’re working in Atlanta we just became fast friends.”

“We bonded over a mutual love ofDumb and Dumber,” he added. “Just like jokes and life and all over it.”

“You primary goal is to make the person comfortable,” he said of their sex scene. “She wanted to have some wine and we did, and that was nice.”

Passengers is a thriller about a spaceship on its 120 years voyage to a distant colony planet. Transporting 5,259 people, the craft has a malfunction in two of its sleep chambers, waking up two passengers still 90 years from their destination.

Lawrence, who previously spoke about making less than her male American Hustle co-stars, made headlines for the role after the studio agreed to pay her $8 million more than Pratt.

Passengers is due out December 21.

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