Ariel Winter Snapchats a Video of Herself Twerking in a Bikini Thong

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Ariel Winter Blasts Donald Trump and His Body Shaming Comments
Ariel Winter will not stand for Donald Trump and his disgusting comments about women's bodies

Ariel Winter has been pretty open about her thoughts on body-shaming and continues to buck the haters by posting revealing photos whenever she’s in the mood.

That said, it’s not surprising that the 18-year-old actress would post a selfie in a tiny thong bikini on Snapchat along with a video of her twerking with the “fast speed” filter.

The Modern Family star has been keeping everyone up-to-date with her adventures as she vacations in Mexico.

Caboooo it’s lit😉😈🙆🏻

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Winter has been contending with body-shamers since she was a pre-teen.

In a recent interview with Elite Daily, she shared, “Over the years, I’ve struggled with body confidence issues… It’s really important nowadays to empower young women — and young men… to feel really good about themselves, not only their appearance, but to feel good enough to speak about issues that are important to them and to stand up for themselves when necessary.”

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