Angelina Jolie Snubbed by the Oscars Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Angelina Jolie won’t win her second Oscar in 2018.

The actress -turned-director’s passion project, First They Killed My Father, was just kicked out of the running for next year’s Oscars. While the Golden Globe-nominated film, which was submitted by Cambodia, is the 42-year-old’s most received movie as a director, it was cut as a contender when the Academy recently announced the final nine that will compete for a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.
Based on the memoir Loung UngFirst They Killed My Father centers around a 5-year-old girl who witnesses the violent Khmer Rouge takeover and is trained to become a child soldier during Cambodian-Vietnamese War.
Earlier this month, the mother-of-six opened up about her initial fears in taking daunting task of directing the war-torn story.
“I want this country to speak, but did I feel I had the right to be the one doing that? It was hard every day to know if I was good enough or the right person to do it,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.
“I felt so honored to be welcomed into another country,” she said of Cambodia, “and to witness, and bear witness, and encourage, and share, and really put forward their history.”

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