Kim Kardashian Bans All Jewelry From Her New Home

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Don’t expect Kim Kardashian‘s new mansion to be decked out in diamonds.

Though the reality star just moved into her dream house in Hidden Hills, Calif., she’s already implemented one major rule in her home.
Via TMZ:

Kim and Kanye’s new mansion — the one they spent years renovating and finally moved into a few weeks ago — has its first house rule … NO JEWELRY ALLOWED!!!
Our Kardashian sources tell us Kim decided to put the policy in place at the Hidden Hills home because she doesn’t want it to be a target for thieves. In essence, she’s throwing up her version of the bat signal … NOTHING TO STEAL HERE!
We’re told the very few pieces that Kim does still own are being stored elsewhere — under constant supervision — with very elaborate security measures to get to it. And despite the lack of jewelry at their new place … we’re told armed security’s still on guard 24/7.

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