Kim Kardashian’s “Crazy” Skincare Routine Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Kim Kardashian's Secret to Flawless Skin
Kim Kardashian just spilled her biggest beauty secret.

Kim Kardashian wears almost $1,200 worth of makeup when she’s going out. So naturally, her skincare regimen is just as elaborate and extravagant.

In a new interview with Glamour, the always-busy reality star reveals she has someone on-call for all her beauty needs whenever she needs a little glow up. Though the 37-year-old normally gets her hair and makeup done during the early hours of the day, she says her true beauty routine doesn’t start until when almost everyone in her house is asleep.
“Motherhood has helped me figure out how to consolidate and just get things done as quick as possible,” she tells the magazine. “My schedule is really intense, but I feel like it’s still a priority to me to pamper myself and take care of myself for my own sanity.”

Thanks to esthetician MelissaHaloossim from West Hollywood’s Skin Thesis, who she refers to as a “dream come true,” Kim is able to get facials even way past her three kids’ bedtime.
“Sometimes I’ll see a picture of myself that I don’t like, so I’ll screen-grab it and text it to her, and go, ‘Oh my God, my face is falling, we need a tightening facial.’ … And she said, “OK, why don’t we both put our kids to bed, and then meet up later?” she shares, admitting that  “even my sisters think I’m crazy” for calling up a facialist at the dead of night.
“If I can spend the extra time pampering myself and doing something for me, it helps with self-confidence. It might not be important to other people, and I understand that,” she explains. “Maybe not everyone can get a facial at 10:00 P.M., I get it. But you can go to the gym, you can do something that makes you feel good. Read a book or take alone time—anything that helps your soul be more calm if you live in a house of chaos.”

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