What Scott Disick Thinks of People’s Obsession with His Love Life Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Scott Disick knows some people have a problem with his May-December romance with Sofia Richie.

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star recently reality star opened up about his love life while hosting a party at Jewel Nightclub in Las Vegas, telling People he doesn’t care much what people think of the 15-year age gap he shares with his girlfriend.
“I guess it’s kind of flattering that people care,” Scott, 34, said. “It’s not like I’m mad about it. Everybody’s worried about something. Everybody is worried about other people’s things, so it’s fine.”

Likewise, it seems Sofia, 19, is equally okay with talks about her eyebrow-raising relationship. An insider previously told Celebuzz! the model is “being really mature” about everything.
“She likes to have fun with Scott, but she’s also fully committed to the relationship. It’s not just a fling to her,” the insider revealed. “They’re really happy. They’re in a good place right now.”

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