“It’s a Sacrifice”: Keke Palmer Gets Real About How Her Career Has Taken a Toll on Her Health

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CREDIT: YouTube/Keke Palmer

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Keke Palmer is a woman of many things: actress, singer, author, and — most importantly — a boss. But sometimes, that has its repercussions.

According to the second installment of the 24-year-old’s mini-documentary given exclusively to Celebuzz!, being a multi-hyphenate talent has physical toll her health. As someone with roles on two major shows, MTV’s Scream and Fox’s Star, and a booming music career on the side, Keke says she barely has any eat and sleep — let only let her skin take a breather from all the stage makeup she has to cake on everyday.
“It’s just too much makeup, makeup, makeup and constantly my pores are just clogged and clogged,” she reveals. “It’s annoying because I gotta be on camera. They expect your skin to be perfect, and it’s not.”

“It’s a lot to have to try to eat well all the time and drink a lot of water — to do all these things … to keep my skin clear,” the “Bossy” songstress admits in a confessional. “I wake makeup all the time in my industry … but because that’s a part of what entertainment is — and I do it so much — sometimes my skin doesn’t get a break. And I’m looking in the mirror and I’m just like, ‘Damn!'”
“It’s a lot, and that’s just what kinda comes with it,” she continues.
So why do it all? According to Keke, who’s been working since she was 10 years old, she’s tough on herself because she’s never wants to see lazy or entitled. By working hard starting her own Big Boss Entertainment label, she says she’s “building a future for the generations to come.”

“I make s**t work for me because I never wanna show up and have my a** in my hands. So no matter what it is — from acting to dancing to singer to whatever — I’m going to take the time that I need to put in to make sure I’m perfect,” she explains. “I love what I do. I find a lot of enjoyment out of it. But at the end of the day, I am making a sacrifice.”
“I don’t always make it to my sibling’s birthdays. I don’t always make it to the holidays,” she adds. “It’s a sacrifice.”
You can catch Keke on Star on March 28.