Kendall Jenner Being Sued Leads Today’s Star Sightings

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Kendall Jenner is in hot water.

The model was just slapped with a lawsuit over her new Beats 1 radio station for Apple Music, Pizza Boys Radio.
According to The BlastRobert Karageuzian — the founder of Los Angeles-based art collective Pizzaboyzzz — is suing the 22-year-old for launching her own project with a similar name to his business. He claims to own a trademark on “Pizzaboyzzz” and says that Kendall’s newfound venture is hurting his existing business.
He alleges customers started to become confused about the brands in March when Kendall created an Instagram account much like his own. He says his slogan, “In Crust We Trust,” was stolen and the confusion led to his original Pizzaboyzzz account getting shut down.
He is now seeking an injunction against Kendall, DJ Daniel Chetrit, and Apple, as well as money earned under the Pizza Boys name.


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