Briana DeJesus Teases Third Pregnancy: “My Life Literally Just Took a Turn”

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Is her family getting bigger?

When Briana DeJesus was first added to the Teen Mom 2 cast, her co-stars weren’t exactly thrilled. Even though many of them reached out to introduce themselves and make nice, it was pretty clear that the cast members weren’t happy about losing even more screen time to make room for Briana.

But Briana brought a new vibrancy to the show that many fans appreciated. While she struggled to battle her second baby daddy, she gained the support of thousands of viewers who wanted the best for her. But when her second season of Teen Mom 2 rolled out, she brought the drama.

As many on the show have pointed out, Briana DeJesus and Javi Marroquin could have chosen to date any of the billions of people on earth… but they chose each other. Their relationship turned into a bombshell of feuds and fighting that pulled nearly every member of the cast in, and we’re still seeing it play out on Teen Mom 2. In the meantime, we all know how the relationship went, since Briana is now single.

Luckily, Briana is still young and she has her entire life ahead of her. But could her plan involve having a third child?

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Credit: MTV

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