Headed for Divorce? Jenelle Evans and David Eason Spark Break-Up Rumors

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It's not looking good!

The Teen Mom cast members are all approaching their late twenties and thirties, and it’s no surprise that many of them are settling down. Even though we’ve seen many Teen Mom marriages fail over the years, it seems that a number of the cast members have finally found “the one” and are living out the beginnings of their happily ever after. But fans know better than to think that the girls are impervious to change — just when everything seems the most peaceful and secure, we’re blindsided with an update that comes entirely out of left field.

Fans have watched Jenelle Evans go through a number of “soulmates” during her time on Teen Mom 2, but it wasn’t until David Eason that she truly found “the one”… or so it appears. She quickly made him her second husband and her third baby daddy, and since then, the two have been sharing pictures and updates for their life on The Land. Even though they haven’t been married for a year yet, sometimes it seems that they’ve been together forever.

But sometimes it’s not so pretty. We’ve seen Jenelle and David’s explosive personalities come out time and time again, and sometimes they turn these explosions on one another. Is it possible that Jenelle’s happily ever after isn’t so happy?

Not for the first time, fans have started to believe that Jenelle and David’s relationship could be headed to a dark place… or even to the end. Now many believe that they may not even make it to their first anniversary.

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